Trained in Family Peer Support, Recovery Coaching and Life Strategies,

Compassionate Communication (NVC) and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

Hope for Life Coaching Services are available for families,

individuals, couples, caregivers and parents and anyone in a supportive role.

Diana is not a licensed mental health professional, she is a parent with lived experience, life coach, 

and an advocate for mental health education, peer and family support.

Coaching & Family Peer Services

A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Family Peer Support


Choices & Direction

Recovery &


Relationship &


Mental Health 


What Diana's coaching clients are saying

Diana is amazing! 

 She helped me during a difficult time in my life. Diana gave me spot-on advice along with very logical and thoughtful suggestions. Her approach was sensible, realistic and empathetic, and her process taught me how to effectively proceed and progress. The lessons I needed to learn, I learned with even more depth and 

determination because of her ability to help.

I highly recommend her for coaching in most areas of life.

Diana is an experienced business woman, loving mother, a knowledgeable facilitator and an effective mentor/coach.

I will never forget how she helped to guide my growth; it made a big impact on my life.   Thank you!   Bonnie, Maryland

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"Knowing oneself is an inner experience of meaningful thoughts, purposeful action and the ability to take full responsibility for one's life every day. 

Change in life is natural and can be less stressful with the right communication strategies that serve our lives in productive and supportive ways." ~ Diana

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About Diana and Coaching Method

As a communication strategist, Diana founded the Identify Inner-Dialog method for her coaching and consulting practice. Identify pinpoints a persons' beliefs, impressions, judgements and intentions.

For the past decade,  she teaches her clients how to remove unspoken negative impressions, survey pre-conceived conclusions and thoughts and step into a space of exploration, self wisdom and self care. This method teaches how to respond in responsible ways and how to successfully manage life and achieve lasting results.

Her coaching practice offers family peer support, life choices and direction, relationship and communication strategies, and learning about mental health education and recovery programs. 

Free 30 minute coaching session are full until March, 2018

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"Hello and thank you for being here. It is a joy for me to witness my clients experience life transformations, shifting old thought patterns and create positive and lasting change. 

Coaching is not therapy even though my Self Discovery Questioner may ask you to reveal things about your family, relationships and career - this is needed to help me understand where your blocks might surface so I can assist you in moving through them effectively.


Coaching focuses on the things you want to work on and identifies where you need clarity to develop strategies so you can manifest what you want." ~ Diana

All information you provide is private and confidential. 

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