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"When we share our stories, what it does is it opens up our hearts for other people to share their stories. And it gives us a sense that we are not alone on this journey."

-Janine Shepherd

"This is why Diana's and Demitri's

story about bullying

is important to anyone with

school-age children." - Sue Huggins

About our Advocacy

Your Donation Supports Hope, Education, Recovery and the Arts

Hope for Life has Partners with leading mental health educators and agencies, employers and dedicated national organizations to help fulfill a common mission. Many of our partner education programs are free (or small fee for class materials) to participants and families.

Our organization brings mental health education, recovery and resilience training, and wellness workshops to communities nationwide.  

Currently serving communities Iowa and Michigan.

Through our Education Programs, we help people:

- Recognize signs and signals of mental illness.

- Learn how to build trust

- How to support your families and loved ones

- Mental Health First Aid Classes - communication strategies, and knowing when it is an emergency and how to get help.

- What is means to be a Mental Health Advocate

- Recovery, Wellness, Self Care Programs and Toolkits

- A range of Art and Music Therapies coming soon


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 Hope and Recovery

"The Makeigs’ story is one of struggle, courage, and hard-won triumph. I believe anyone involved with school-age children would benefit from reading about this family’s determination to develop a plan that would enable Demitri to emerge as the confident, talented, and loving young man that he is.”

~ Jean Gaede,

Instructor at Interlochen Center for the Performing Arts

Diana and Demitri

Hello, I'm Diana and founder and executive director of Hope for Life, a non-profit organization

I was motivated to mental health advocacy in the aftermath of a tragic bullying incident in involving my son, then 11 years of age. The trauma he experienced escalated to severe depression and

caused a brain chemistry imbalance resulting in visual and auditory hallucinations.

His diagnosis was severe depression with psychotic incident, and he was suicidal.

He was hospitalized and heavily medicated, and marginally functional for several years. Now 20 years of age, he is in recovery and is achieving academic success in college and living independently.

As with many parents, the mental illness of my child led to advocacy. I founded the Hope for Life organization in the spring of 2016 with the goal of giving families and individuals the education and tools

needed to understand, cope with and recover from mental health disorders of all kinds, 

so no-one need suffer alone, without support or hope.

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